Factory Tour

The Process to produce A890 3A or High Chrome iron A532 IIIA 5B open impeller pulp pump,slurry pumps and other dewatering pumps follows DIN 24255, ISO 2858, ISO 5199,ANSI 73.1 and API 610 std as follows:

CFD software preparation--> moulding and casting--> Machining--> Assembly--> QC and inspection--> Quality control--> Testing

1. CFD software to prepare Drawing, this software simulate the hydrauli model and internal flow field, remove the vortex, reflux, reduce design deviation and predict the performance data such as capacity, differential head, efficiency, NPSHr, etc.

sdf (3)

Casing Pressure Distribution

sdf (2)

Impeller surface pressure Distribution

sdf (1)

Impeller surface pressure Distribution no.2

2. Moulding and foundary


4. Machining

5. Assembly

6. QC and inspection

7. Quality Control

8. Testing

Refer to the following pictures.